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Extend a hand through the generations

Get involved today in an initiative that provides

  • A deeper connection to your community

  • A sense of purpose

  • An understanding of your history

  • Invaluable life lessons

  • Improved personal mental health

  • And much more...

How it works

Three simple steps to intergenerational friendship


Step 1

You submit a letter via the below form. We vet these letters to ensure no inappropriate content. ​

Step 2

We will print these letters and mail the requested number to the care homes. These letters can be distributed to the seniors individually or read in groups by care workers.


Step 3

If a senior is interested in writing back to a community member we will facilitate that with the help of care workers.


Write your letter

You can write your letter directly into this form, or click the "Upload file" button to submit a scanned handwritten letter. 

Here are some ideas to get you started!

  • Introduction: Introduce yourself.

  • Interests and hobbies: Do you like reading, nature, gardening? Anything really!

  • Slice of life: Have any interesting things happened to you in life?

  • Ask questions: What are you interested to know about them?

Upload File

Thanks for brightening a day today!


Why does this program exist?

The program exists to provide seniors with something interesting to read and to foster a sense of connection and community between seniors and the public.

Does this program share personal information without consent?

No. There will never be any personal information shared with members of the public without the consent of the senior and the care home.

Can seniors write back?

If a senior is interested in writing back to a community member, they will request the address of the member of the public, which if the care worker deems this appropriate will be relayed to us. We will then facilitate the passing on of this address to the care worker.

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